Friday, February 20, 2009

Get Fit While You Sit (Yes folks! It is indeed possible)!

Lately I've been feeling a like I have zero time to exercise. Between work, my relationship, spending time with friends, studying, and trying to complete everyday tasks, I feel like I have no time to fit in the amount of exercise that I want to be getting. In order to rememdy this situation I brought my exercise ball to work, hiding it beneath my desk and only taking it out when I know everyone else is either preoccupied or at lunch (see: not very often), and quite honestly, the thought of rolling around on the ball in my slacks and heels is not really that appealing to me.

I think I have finally found the solution to this problem! I came across this eBook entitled, Get Fit While You Sit and even though it sounds like an exercise program that some old folks might be using, I'm still diggin' it. It gave me some really good ideas for sneaking more exercise in throughout the day, primarily at work, which makes me feel as though I am GETTING PAID TO EXERCISE! :) Anyway, I wouldn't necessariyly recommend it as a primary source of exercise (keep in mind that I am just a little obsessed with running), but it is a really great way of burning a few extra calories, breaking up the monotony of an 8 hour day of working at a desk, and having some fun too.

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